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Credit/Debit Card:

At the time of payment, it is necessary to validate the following data: Identification document, telephone, email, validity and security code of the card.

Face Payment:

If you have a bcp credit or debit card, you can use bcp-www.viabcp.com Internet banking or bcp agents nationwide. Pay your book

ings at any of your offices or agents or via internet banking at www.interbank.pe (option available only for dollar payments) T

hank you for choosing cash. Please note that you can make your payment in different entities that offer this option: see instructions.

Security measures

We have the TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology that ensures both the authenticity of our site and the encryption of all the information you give us. Every time you browse our website and deliver personal information, no matter where you are, your browser connects to our site through the TLS protocol that proves that you are actually on our website and on our servers (which You will notice the appearance of the HTTPS code in your browser's address bar. This will set up an encryption method for your information.

Kuelap Adventure is integrated to the PayU-Perú payment platform that follows industry standards in terms of personal data protection, including, in other measures, firewalls, Virtual private Network ("VPN") and Transport Layer Security ("TLS"). Additionally, PayU is a certified entity under the standard PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security standard).
PayU protects your personal information during your treatment with encryption methods, among other existing or future techniques that ensure information security.

What data do we request?

We only ask you to enter necessary information for the purchase. This is name, surname, address, telephone, email and data according to the means of payment chosen.

What data do we keep?

We retain personal data, such as name, surname, address, email, phone number. These data are used to contact possible changes and coordination during the development of your trip.