Revash and Leymebamba


Starting point: From hotels in Chachapoyas

Frequency: Every day


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01 día
Mini bus
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Full days
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Special offer

Mausoleums of REVASH and Museum of LEYMEBAMBA.
08:00 hours.-At the time indicated we will leave with direction to the town of San Bartolo from there hike of 45 minutes to the mausoleums of Revash, set of mausoleums of one and two floors with gable roof and decorated with Chachapoyas iconography and paintings representing Figures of zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and geometric, guided tour, transfer to Leymebamba, lunch, visit the Museum of Leymebamba, where more than 219 mummies are exhibited Chachapoya in perfect condition, in addition to beautiful looms, ceramics, weapons of War, musical instruments and an interesting collection of Quipus, return.
19:00 hours.-Arrival in Chachapoyas. End of services.

Includes: Tours to the mausoleums of Revash and Museum of Leymebamba/Tickets of revenue to the tourist attractions/01 lunches/tour guide English.