• Karajia and Quiocta

Karajía and Quiocta


Starting place: From hotels in Chachapoyas

Frequency: Every day

Duration: 10 hours

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Sarcophagi of Karajía: They are unique in their style for their careful elaboration and for their colossal size, since they reach up to 2.50 meters high. The fact that they were located at the top of a difficult access ravine, has allowed them to be kept safe from strange hands and predators.
Inside the sarcophagus is the mummy, sitting on a skin and wrapped in mortuary fabrics. Ceramic objects and various offerings accompanied the deceased. The sarcophagi are made up of large anthropomorphic capsules made of clay mixed with small stones, applied on a structure of reeds or branches. Only the head and part of the chest are compact. Both body and head are decorated with two-tone red paint, applied on a white base.

Quiocta cave: With about 580 meters in length, very high ceilings and seven rooms, the walk through the interior is somewhat demanding. Inside you can see cave paintings, some human remains, ceramics and certain utensils that indicate that the cave was used by groups of the Chachapoya culture for a long time.

 Karajia and Quiocta

07:50 hours.-We will pick you up to your hotel and departure to the town of Cruzpata, from there we will begin a 30-minute walk to visit the funerary site Chachapoya of the sarcophagus of Karajía, considered the most spectacular and unique of Peru and the World, these are funerary statues located on inaccessible cliffs that keep for centuries the mummified bodies of the most important rulers of the Chachapoyas culture, guided visit, lunch, visit the Cavern of Quiocta, where we will observe Thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, return to Chachapoyas.
18:30 hours. – Arrival to Chachapoyas. End of services.

Includes: Tours to the sarcophagus of Karajía and cavern of QUIOCTA/tickets to the tourist attractions/01 lunch /boots of rubber and lights for the excursion to the Cavern of Quiocta/guide of tourism English/Spanish.